Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #9: The Rise and Fall



The Doctor and his companions, Alice and Jones, are headed to the Serve You Inc headquarters. They arrive at a city on an asteroid where there entire town is devoted to the corporation. The doctor has a plan that involves purchasing fifty-one percent of the company’s stocks. When the doctor goes to have a chat with the CEO of the company Alice and Jones are met with a hoard of literal cooperate zombies. When the doctor reaches the CEO’s office he is met by a strange man that informs the Doctor that he’s been awaken by him. Jones and Alice realize that the cause of these zombies must be the same entity that made her believe her mom was back. The doctor returns from the office but he looks different and now calls himself The Chief Executive.

The appearance of the Chief Executive at the end is a stark contrast to the eleventh doctor. He has slicked back hair, an intense gaze and dark pressed clothing. It isn’t clear who the strange man who changed him is or if the doctor is still in there. The ARC clearly has sensed something was amiss. Since this issue left more questions than answers, one can assume that this is leading up to the conclusion of this story line.



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