Garfield: His 9 Lives Part #3 of 4


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In part three of this four-part series, Garfield tells the readers the stories of his fifth and sixth lives. During his fifth live Garfield was a 1930’s comic book superhero named Super-Cat! His alter-ego is a copy boy at the Daily Comet named Kip Klutzford. One day Super-Cat’s arch nemesis Rex Ruthless shows up with a plot to destroy the moon and conquer the world. With the power of cheesy lasagna, it’s up to Super-Cat to defeat the evil Rex Ruthless and save the world. In Garfield’s sixth life he is 1940s private eye, Sam Spayed. Spayed gets a suspicious phone call about having his lasagna poisoned and he only has a matter of hours to find an antidote. After seeking out the usual suspects Sam can’t figure out who might have poisoned him. With time ticking away, Sam has to work fast to save his own skin.

This series has been fun because the artists have used a different style for each short story. In “Super-Cat” the style looks like an old DC comic from the 30s. The pages have muted colors and sharp angles similar to Metropolis. The story is a parody of a classic SuperMan comic. Garfield looks distinctly different in this comic since he is standing up-right and wearing 1930s clothing. In “Sam Spayed,” the all of the panels are in black and white and look like a 1940’s detective movie. Garfield again looks very different. His face is more rectangular shaped and he has the stature of a man.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes style cross-overs once in a while.


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