My Little Pony Friends Forever #14



In this issue Princess Luna and Spike team up to investigating some mysterious fires that have been occurring in Fillydephia. The fires look like they could be from dragons so Spike visits Dragon Town to see what he can find out. Spike meets a local that causes him to rethink who the culprit might be. Luna gets disappointed that they have not gotten any closer to finding out who has been causing all the fires. Spike sets out to try his best and find out how to help the ponies and the dragons.

The Friends Forever series is fun because readers get a chance to see fun pairings of characters that might not regularly team up in the main series. In this story Spike and Luna who are usually just auxiliary characters are in the spotlight. This particular story sheds light on the Dragon population and shows how they are not always treated fairly. I am always amazed at how the My Little Pony series can sneak in hot topic themes such as social justice. Dragons are the apparent minority in Equestria and get blamed when there is trouble even if their community is not at fault. Spike can cross between the two since he is a dragon that is treated as if he is a pony. This gets young readers to start thinking about not jumping to conclusions about a particular community just based on who they are.

This short story is great for introducing themes of social justice to children in a light and friendly manner.


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