Review: Black Science #12


Black Science #12 Cover ABlack Science has returned after months of silence. Considering this is a science fiction comic that deals with time and dimension traveling, I have to wonder was the hiatus intentional or did the writer Rick Remender need some time himself to figure out what he just created?

For I am so, so confused.

Remender makes no distinction between the characters and the reader. We’re all getting screwed on making sense of the story. At this point, I’m pretty sure that’s intentional.

From what my memory can recall, Black Science #11 was the issue where everyone in the story has come together. They have all been through internal struggles, physical horrors, and will surely suffer from PTSD.

Black Issue #12 doesn’t seek to clarify any plot points or clear up any confusion.  It adds tension and preparation for something clearly horrible that is about to happen. Everyone is on edge, confused, and unhappy, both fictional and non-fictional beings.

The story is making no sense and differentiating between the characters is becoming a chore. I’m still differentiating between the mother and the mistress (I think one has bangs). First read-through made me frustrated and I pretty much gave up on this series.

I had the typical after shocks of reading a Remender story; I couldn’t stop thinking about it.This is not some abstract art house story. This is a psychological science fiction story that becomes ingrained in your mind. So entrenched that I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. I can’t stop analyzing and finding clues in the story to see what will happen next. Perhaps the reason the mother and mistress are drawn so similarly is that they could represent one person? Or maybe they were one person that was fragmented through time? How do we even know this is the original group? There have been countless versions of Grants throughout the story. Instead of solving one world’s problem. they are literally destroying every world they step into. Plus, what about that troll baby? Will it go back to its family? Seriously, the shaman can cure diabetes?!

It is almost pure torture to keep keep getting this story in installments. It is becoming a physical feat indeed. I bet it will be a much more cohesive story when it’s collected all as a trade. Until then, the adventure tarries on in installments.

Black Science #12 is available at your local comic book retailer March 2015



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