Review: Silent Hill Downpour–Anne’s Story


Silent Hill Downpour TPB CoverAs a whole Silent Hill Downpour: Anne’s Story felt lacking in its evolution of character Anne Cunningham during and following the events of the 2012 Video Game Silent Hill: Downpour. Writer Tom Waltz made choices that I felt didn’t match the motivation and history of the character. Waltz even addressed my earlier reviews of the individual comics – and he brings a supported argument to the table (See his comment on chapter three).

While he wasn’t able to sway me due to the overwhelming phallic member berating our anti-heroine he really supported both his love and the series and if Anne. For that this collection of Anne’s Story is worth the effort to bring it into your collection. At the very least, it should satiate you until the newest installment of the video game series, Silent Hill, is available for fans everywhere. The complete collection of Anne’s Story is available now from IDW.

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