‘Pocket Listing’ is Archer at its Raciest


ll rights reserved.xIf there was ever an episode of Archer to not watch casually as younger viewers mill through a room, it’s this week’s episode “Pocket Listing.” When the crown prince of Durhani comes to New York for a Stock Market internship, Slater and the CIA need to gather information from the prince in an overly complicated scheme. Cheryl must pretend to the listing real estate agent for her own expansive mansion while the rest of the crew plays maids and butlers to try and separate the prince and his mother the Queen in order to tranquilize them.

609_02_hires2Pop culture references were limited in this episode. Krieger continues to shine with his complete freak out over losing a jar of pickled goat feet with a stunning reference to Planet of the Apes. Archer makes a comment to Cyril about being worthy of the one ring from Lord of the Rings, and Gillette fights a man-eating plat in Cheryl’s conservatory.  Sadly,the plot of this episode was so limited that it had to be filled with any distractions possible to try and get a laugh. Some of the raciest moments of the episode involve a fairly pornographic interaction between two of the main characters, Ray Gillette losing a hand, and the constant use of the more classless terms for vagina and penis. Quite a few times I found myself wondering if this could actually be aired on FX. It was highly disappointing that a show that I’ve come to respect for great use of literary and pop culture jokes would swap its class for poorly written sex jokes.

While I normally enjoy rewatching Archer, this is one I will skip. To say I was disappointed with this episode is an understatement.

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