Rot and Ruin #4



The trap has been sprung and the children are captured, offering Farmer John the opportunity to expound on the reasoning he has based his civilization on. The treatment of women as breeding cows are necessary, systematic motherhood is the key to rebuilding the future. Of course, Benny, Nix, Chong, and Lilah will have none of that, and fight ferociously to keep their freedom.

It is a transitional moment from security to the dangers of rape and death by zombies. There is plenty of action, fraught with fear, rage, and numerous threats of bodily harm. Oftentimes civilization is built on a horror show, and Farmer John has created something potentially stable, though disgustingly sexist. His motivations are solid, and so I find the extent of his villainy a touch contrived. Harming his own in front of all his followers without a truly justifiable cause is ludicrous in his position.


Rot and Ruin #4 is now available from IDW.


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