First Images of ‘Supergirl’ Released


Though production of  the Supergirl pilot just started this week, images of Colleen Atwood’s Supergirl costume have been released. Atwood is no stranger to the Superhero genre, as she recently designed costumes for both The Flash and Arrow on the CW. She has also won the Academy Award for her work on costumes in Alice in Wonderland, Memoirs of a Geisha and Chicago, and has achieved nominations for countless others (Sleepy Hollow? That was her ladies).

“In designing Supergirl, I wanted to embrace the past, but more importantly, thrust her into the street-style action hero of today,” Atwood commented in regards to her work on the Supergirl costume.

Supergirl will star Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers (aka Kara Zor-El or Supergirl). The cousin of Superman, she has also chosen to hide her powers while living on planet earth. However, at 24 she decides to embrace her abilities and become the heroine her city needs.

SUPERGIRL First-Look Image (Headshot) SUPERGIRL First-Look Image (Full-Body)
Images Provided by DC and Warner Bros.


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