The Book of Memory Gaps


cover54230-mediumOne of the most frustrating parts of growing older is that sudden realization that you can no longer remember everything the way you did in your youth. For people with memory disorders, or whom have lost their minds all together, the lack of being able to connect with the world around you takes on an even more terrifying turn. Artist Cecilia Ruiz seeks to give these victims of severe memory loss a little sympathy in her work The Book of Memory Gaps.

With an artistic style that seems reminiscent of a more colorful combination of Edward Gorey and Disney artist Mary Blair, the book takes a character, provides them with a brief description and then shows how they are coping with their particular memory loss. The images are beautiful, often comical, but all haunt your mind for days. One particular image is of a man who has smashed his piano with an axe. Another is of a young woman who longs to return to a sea she has never actually been too.

Cecilia Ruiz takes a difficult subject and makes it into a beautiful and sympathetic work of art.

The Book of Memory gaps is available from Blue Rider Press March 10, 2015.


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