Marceline Gone Adrift #3


kaboom_at_marceline_gone_adrift_003_aRemorseful of the loss of her best friend, Princess Bubblegum works on her rocket to rescue her friend. Marceline contemplates her loneliness deep in space. Meanwhile, an opportunist searches for possible Marceline memorabilia, taking her music book and demo tape.

Marceline Gone Adrift is a simple story that blends into the world of Adventure Time and gives kids (and super fans of the show) another taste of the friendships of their favorite characters. The issues are short and sweet, perfect for kids and people like me with short attention spans.

It’s halfway through the series, and there are only three issues to go. Now is the time to get caught up on Marceline Gone Adrift.


Marceline Gone Adrift #3 is available March 11, 2015 from BOOM!


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