Kickstarter Created to Bring Native American Activist Wilma Mankiller’s Story to Life



There are a few Badass ladies out there that few people know little about. One of those was the Cherokee Activist, Wilma Mankiller. In a time where very few women were leaders in the Cherokee Nation, she returned home from her protests in San Francisco to become a leader in her own community and end the cycle of dysfunction.

Producers Gale Anne Hurd (Terminator, Alien, The Walking Dead) and Valerie Red-Horse (True Whispers, Navajo Code Talkers) have teamed up to make Wilma Mankiller’s story known.

Oh and if you’re wondering if you should watch the video? Yes. As an added bonus you’ll see some familiar faces from The Walking Dead…oh and Felicia Day… in there.


If you would like to support this documentary, you may visit their Kickstarter here:


Oh and watching this video?



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