Archer Gets the ‘Reignition Sequence”

2015:03:04 17:04:38

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After the incidents of a failed CIA mission, Archer and Lana have been as hot and heavy as ever. The rest of the staff finds themselves disgusted as the two best agents play kissy-face. Rather than ask the two to tone it down, they begin “operation breakup” to try and separate Lana and Archer. They call Archer’s ex, the gorgeous Russian cyborg, Katja, to come and break the relationship apart. While the office watches on, Archer must make a decision to be faithful to Lana or fall to the whims of Katja.

610_02_hires2While “Reignition Sequence” was far less pornographic than last week’s episode, there was still a great deal about sex and more than one female character in her underthings. Cheryl’s fantasy flipbook of a kidnapping is worth watching the episode for, especially when she adds in a backstory involving Ra’s al Ghul from Batman. A van full of Archer’s team mates plotting against him feels very much like the day to day of an office job, only with more drugs, beer and snacks.

Overall, “Reignition Sequence” is a vast improvement over lasts week’s episode. With a few emotional cliffhangers, I do wonder where the Archer and Lana storyline is going.





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