Frozen Fever


It’s Anna’s birthday and Elsa wants everything to be perfect for her little sister. With the help of Christophe, Sven and Olaf, the party decorations are ready and Elsa has surprises for Anna all over town. The only problem is, Elsa has developed a cold and her sneezes are releasing tiny snow creatures that may ruin all hard work put into the party. Can Christophe, Sven and Olaf stop the creatures while Anna tries to convince Elsa to sit this one out?

Okay, Disney, you got me. After seeing the original Frozen, I like every other adult woman who spends time around young children, have heard “Let it Go” about 8,000 times. I’ve seen every incarnation of Elsa’s blue dress and want to scream whenever I’m told that something Frozen-related is coming out. However, Frozen Fever is so charming I was able to put aside my frustrations and just smile for the entire short. The little snow creatures Elsa’s keeps creating from her sneezes are reminiscent of the Adipose race of alien from Doctor Who and will likely show up at every little girls’ birthday party from here on out. Christophe is adorable, and Olaf continues to be his charming snowman self.

There is singing, a new costume or two and enough charm to bring a smile to the face of a harsh critic.

Frozen Fever is currently available to view only before Disney’s live action Cinderella opening today.


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