Terry Pratchett, Writer of the Discworld Series, Passes Away at 66


Terry Pratchett, writer of the wildly popular Discworld series has passed away at age 66. Pratchett was affected by Posterior cortical atrophy (PCA) a form of Alzheimer’s, but refused to let it get in the way of his writing. In fact, his last Discworld book was completed just last year.  One of his most popular books was Good Omens, a novel about a humorous version of the apocalypse written with Neil Gaiman. In BBC’s recent audio production of the book, Pratchett and Gaiman did the voice work for two bumbling policemen.

Pratchett will be deeply missed by the Fantasy and Sci-Fi communities. We have truly lost a great man and a wonderful writer.

Mr. Pratchett, I am drinking a banana daiquiri in your honor. Thank you for giving us so much.







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