Happy Pi Day!


Today is “Pi Day” and people everywhere are celebrating by eating Pi-shaped Pi, sharing Math jokes and dropping some knowledge on you. We wanted to play too. Below is a brief explanation of Pi and a few funny images to help celebrate.


What is ‘Pi’?

According to Wikipedia:

The number π is a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle‘s circumference to its diameter, commonly approximated as 3.14159. It has been represented by the Greek letter “π” since the mid-18th century, though it is also sometimes spelled out as “pi” (/p/).

In easier terms, Pi is the number that is the number that pops up when you find the ratio of the distance around a circle to the length of the distance across the circle.  It is usually represented by:



Or by the number:




And that number just keeps going…..

Like hopefully our supply of pie today.















Disclaimer: All files linked to original sources, because these people are awesome and you should love them too!


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