Orphan Black #2: Helena’s Twisted Little Brain



Allo, seestras! Orphan Black #2 is back and this issue focuses on the Clone Club’s favorite crazy convent­-raised clone and occasional assassin, Helena. Featuring scenes from her past as well as some key moments from season one of the television series, Orphan Black #2 helps the reader get inside Helena’s twisted little brain.

Orphan Black #2 – and the series so far –is designed for fans of the television show to give them insight into each of the characters. The issue opens with a 17 year old Helena being trained and punished by Tomas. There are scattered scenes from Season One that the reader has only seen from Sarah’s point of view as well as a little more development of Maggie Chen. We are even introduced the origins of the infamous knife. It ends by setting up the next issues focal point, Alison. The story is disjointed and feels very close to the way Helena must experience the world.

The color palette in Orphan Black #2 uses the same muted tones from the show and the first issue of the comic. There are pops of color used to emphasize sound effects, giving them greater impact in the moment. Flashbacks into Helena’s past are rendered in black and white, making them feel appropriately stark and lonely. It highlights the isolation that made it easy to craft Helena into a tool to further someone else’s agenda. Her inner monologue is done in jagged green writing on a black background. It’s the perfect way of capturing the fragmented working of Helena’s mind.

This series works best for people who have already seen the television show. It is littered with spoilers and fleshes out moments that are just brushed against in the series. If you love Orphan Black, it’s worth it to take the time to get to know the clones a little better.

Orphan Black #2 is available from IDW Wednesday March 18, 2015.


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