Buffy: Season 10 #13

Season 10 Issue 13

Season 10
Issue 13

Issue 13 of Buffy is chalk full of shenanigans! This chapter starts out with Spike and Buffy waking from their night of revelry. Buffy notices Spike’s unrest but when she confronts him on it he brushes it off and blames a bad dream on his unease. Unfortunately for Spike, a call from the police confirms his worst fear: his nightmare was not a dream. When investigating a vampire attack Spike comes face to face with the man and woman from his dream. The very two he envisioned himself butchering. At a loss, Spike seeks out the help of Xander. Knowing full well the complications of vampirism and mind control, Xander suggests that Spike seek Giles and Willow for their expertise.

Cut scene to where Spike is floating in the air with Willow and Giles vigorously performing some sort of ritual on him. Xander is up in arms about the whole ordeal when unexpected words of wisdom come from Spike. He asks Xander to take Buffy out for the day while Willow and Giles attempt to determine the cause of Spike’s unnatural visions.

Leaving the reader in the dark, the story moves to Xander knocking on Andrew’s door with Buffy in tow. Andrew reluctantly allows Xander and Buffy in as they open up to him and explain that they do not mind his sexual orientation; that dude on dude love is fine in their book (may I suggest checking out the painting in the background on page 14? It foreshadows Xander and Buffy’s conversation with Andrew more than I expected). After a heart felt conversation and one incredibly amusing outburst from Buffy the reader is redirected to Spike who appears to be in excruciating pain. Willow and Giles have exhausted their spells: what could possibly be wrong with Spike? It’s then that Willow recalls Spike saying he had his visions in his dreams…

While Buffy and Xander walk home they receive an urgent call from Giles explaining he has a “tip” that there is a vampire nest near their vicinity. It would seem our dear Spike has acquired seer sight (or someone is controlling him through his dreams, that is still unclear…). Buffy and Xander enter the nest and discover it was a trap! Frustrated that certain details were withheld from her, Buffy addresses the issue with Giles, Willow and Xander when Spike interrupts. He explains that he asked their friends not to tell Buffy about his condition until he was certain it was not dangerous. As the group leaves Buffy and Spike to discuss the events of the day, Willow realizes that she has her own emotional baggage to contend with.

For some time Willow has courted Aluwyn: a powerful, snake like immortal. A trickster by trade, Willow once admired Aluwyn’s spirit but… with her life changing, she is unsure that she can provide what Aluwyn cherishes. Needless to say, the trickster immortal does not take too kindly to Willow’s break up and teleports Willow back home with a warning never again to approach her. Willow turns to see Buffy eating ice cream and partakes of the sweet pleasure.

The drama is unrelenting with this comic! It turns a corner, smacks you in the face then gives you a pat on the back and lures you in with another tantalizing plot line. I rather enjoy the roller coaster of emotions. At least they tend to end on a positive note. Per usual, don’t forget to buy this comic! It is worth the read every time.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue #13 is available Wednesday March 18, 2015 from Darkhorse Comics.


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