iZombie Provides Brain Ramen, Humor

So...brain ramen is normal, right?

So…brain ramen is normal, right?

“How often can you say you’ve been changed, really changed, by a party?” This is the question iZombie’s main character Liv Moore asks as she introduces the viewer to her drastically changed life. Formerly a driven and passionate medical resident with a wonderful fiancé, a fateful boat party has left her a brain­eating couch potato who works in a morgue. After receiving a vision from the brains of a murdered Jane Doe, she ends up reluctantly pretending to be a psychic assisting the police department in the murder investigation. She also finds herself with the ability to speak Romanian and a very seriouscase of kleptomania.

Loosely based on the Eisner award­winning comic of the same name, iZombie has a lot of parallels with creator Rob Thomas’ previous offering Veronica Mars. The main character of each show is a snarky blond badass whose life has been substantially transformed in a short period of time. Both women find purpose and comfort in their new circumstances by fighting crime. Like its predecessor, iZombie looks like it will follow a mystery of the week format while seeking to answer larger questions over the course of the season. The show’s writing is fun, making a situation that could be weighed down by its subject matter into something light­hearted and enjoyable.

Rose McIver is delightful as Liv. She is capable of great subtlety in her performance, managing to capture Liv’s listlessness (“post traumatic ennui” as she calls it) and her hope that she still has more life to live despite her undead status. The real joy is Rahul Kohli as Dr. Ravi Chakrabati. He’s the only person who knows Liv’s secret and he brings a wonderful enthusiasm and life to the show.

The pilot was a great introduction to the world of iZombie. It will take a few episodes to see how the pilot is indicative of the future, but I’m hoping iZombie is here to stay. If you missed Tuesday’s premiere, the CW is doing an encore showing on Sunday.

iZombie airs Tuesdays on the CW.





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