Sparks Nevada Marshall on Mars #2


SparksNevada_02-1Discovering Sparks Nevada Marshall on Mars  in your monthly pull list gives a similar happy joy to that of discovering the latest Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast has downloaded onto your listening device. In this month’s issue, Sparks Nevada participates in a test scenario designed to show him that sometimes casualties are necessary and sometimes there are no easy answers. If this sounds like Star Trek‘s Kobayashi Maru Scenario it’s because it pretty much is. However, Sparks refuses to see the scenario as a no way out mission and finds a solution. The issue then moves forward to Croach and Sparks attempting to defend the settlers of Mars while fighting off a rag tag gang on shoot-first-ask-questions-later cyborg criminals. Sparks and Croach travel through a normally hidden part of the Martian settlement to find a solution, even if all hope appears lost.

Image Comics, I think I’m in love. The comic keeps the same feeling of the old-timey podcast radio program and gives readers a good view of those robot fists of justice Sparks Nevada gets to use on criminals. It still startles me to see Croach as a small blue alien. I had always pictured him differently. Still, it is impossible to read this series without hearing the voice actors attached to the program in your head.

Sparks Nevada Marshall on Mars #2 is available March 18, 2015 from Image Comics….and the theme song is still in my head.


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