My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #28



In the latest issue of My Little Pony, the Ponies continue help stop the development of a new theme park that is threatening the forest. After talking to the Minotaur in charge the ponies attempt some peaceful approaches that end up failing. When their friend Bramble is taken captive, King Aspen must choose between saving his son and becoming the face of the new theme park or saving his dignity. Like any good father, he chooses to save his son leaving Blackthorn in charge. With some quick thinking Blackthorn and the ponies gather up the animals of the forest to face the Minotaur head on.

This story arc has been interesting because of how dynamic it is. In the previous issue the problem was looked at from the side of the forest residence and the company building the theme park. It seemed like no matter what someone would lose. In this issue the company starts to manipulate Twilight Sparkle and King Aspen to be characters that would be part of their merchandise. It makes one question how much say celebrities get in the products that their face is on. The story line is eye opening to how much damage consumerism can cause. It’s pretty deep for a comic made for kids.

Find out the thrilling conclusion of the latest pony adventure.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #28 is available today from IDW Comics.


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