Achub Y Morfilod: Archer Saves the Wales


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I will admit to almost not going past the first five minutes of this week’s episode of Archer. Within this limited time span, Lana discovers she has been drugged and kidnapped by Archer after their huge fight over Katja and what exactly parts of her cyborg anatomy were doing in Archer’s sink. The two discuss the utter nature of how drugging a woman to kidnap her is entirely 100% wrong. Thanks FX for hammering this point home but having your main character get away with it anyhow in the name of romance (eyeroll). As the episode continues, Archer takes Lana to a romantic cottage in the country of Wales, only to admit that it is in fact for a CIA mission to save to Welsh terrorists. M15, the British Secret Intelligence, is after the Llewelyn brothers. One is a strapping your Welshman voiced by The Americans actor, Matthew Rhys. Rhys is in fact Welsh born and raised and the story is in part due to his help with the writers. The other Welshman is a large mentally handicapped man. It is easy to make an Of Mice and Men reference, and you can bet a show like Archer didn’t miss out on that option. When MI5 traces the Llewelyns to the front door, Lana thinks fast and tries to play out a sexy divierson. In a jealous rage, Archer blows their cover and the two have to stop both MI5 and the Welsh Terrorists. Back at headquarters, Krieger and the rest of the office (save for Mallory who is busy baby sitting AJ) work to surgically attach a robot hand in place of the one Gillete lost to carnivorous plant two episodes back.


I’m iffy on “Achub y Moffilod.” On one hand, the title literally means “Save the Wales” in Welsh and Matthew Rhys lets his natural and very gorgeous accent come shinning through. On the other hand, Lana’s drugged abduction gets passed over after she beats Archer and then gives him tampons to put up his nose. ¬†Fans of Archer in the United Kingdom will find Lana Kane making the mistake of looping Wales and England together as a country, rather than referring to them collectively as the United Kingdom. This is a big deal for English and Welsh folks alike. It’s like calling a Canadian an American because we are located close to each other rather than referring to our continent as North America. Archer’s absolute best insult in this episode is to call Matthew Rhys’ character “Frodo P Gryffindor.” I will admit I snorted laughing at that part. Lana gets a few verbal jabs in, but yet again the show chooses to showcase the distracting power of her body in lingerie vs. her capable skill and brain power.

“Achub y Moffilod” is worth watching if you can stomach the initial sequences and continued overplay of sexuality. Matthew Rhys acts as a thankful distraction.



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