Anita Sarkeesian Says What She Couldn’t Say and It’s Powerful



For women watching this with children or women watching this in a crowded office: warning there is a big and literal “F YOU” at the beginning of this video.

This is Anita Sarkeesian addressing women at the 2015 All About Women Conference in Sydney, Australia. It is only four minutes long. Watch all of it, I dare you.

“I’m angry that I’m expected to accept online harassment as a price of being a woman with an opinion.”

Bam. Gut-shot. Wow. Can I get an Amen? How many of you have been attacked? Doxxed for writing something on Reddit? Sent harassing messages over Twitter, Tumbr or Facebook? How many of you have believed you didn’t have the right to fight back because you felt maybe expressing yourself was the wrong thing to do?

As a woman who was quite wickedly harassed, villainized and sought out -we’re talking a tax accountant in Georgia stalking me on Facebook and threatening me, even though there are 1,000 + women on Facebook with the same name as me, my account is blocked, and I didn’t use a picture of my face- for an article I wrote over a year ago, Anita Sarkeesian’s words hit home.

While at this point we’ve accepted online harassment so much that “It’s about Ethics in Video Game Journalism” is a favorite meme and the recent joke in the (and might I add best-selling) female-based Thor comics, online harassment is still a daily problem.

Special thanks to Ben for the assist :)

Special thanks to Ben for the assist 🙂

Now, not all of us get harassed every single day like Anita Sarkeesian, but let’s face it;  at least one person reading this has been harassed online at some point today. It’s honestly one of the reasons we created My business partner and I wanted a place for women to come, read reviews, express themselves, and know that we have you back because we go through it also.

“The truth is that women who persevere and retain some measure of their humanity are not expressing weakness, they are demonstrating courage.”

So yes, I am a woman with emotions. I cry. I laugh. I get excited when David Tennant is on TV or when the latest installment of The Bravest Warriors comes back.  I get angry.  As women, hell as human beings, we are allowed.  Simple truth: YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE FEELINGS AND OPINIONS!

Don’t lose your humanity. Keep being a Fangirl. Keep being who you are and remember that even when you feel like you’re going it alone, you’ve got thousands of women by your side.

Oh, and Anita? Good on you.



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