DC Announces Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity will be Collected In Hardcover This Fall!


DC's Map of the Multiverse

DC’s Map of the Multiverse

Want to try sorting out the DC Multiverse and all of its characters? Try one volume focusing on just that. This came from DC Entertainment today. By the way, we have an image of the map. They have the chance to hover over each Earth to learn more about it:

one of the most talked about limited series published by DC Comics is now being collected for the first time in a gorgeous hardcover.

Visionary writer Grant Morrison, tackles a cast of unforgettable characters from 52 alternative Earths of the known DC Multiverse (check out the map here) in one epic story. Illustrated by many of today’s most talented artists including Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, Chris Sprouse, Ben Oliver, Frank Quitely, Cameron Stewart, Jim Lee, Doug Mahnke, Marcus To, Paulo Siqueira and others, THE MULTIVERSITY DELUXE EDITION will include bonus material and will be available everywhere books are sold October 27th


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