“Brother Can You Spare a Brain”- iZombie Returns for Round Two

So...brain ramen is normal, right?

So…brain ramen is normal, right?

In “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?”, the second episode of The CW’s iZombie, Liv assists Detective Babineau as he investigates the murder of an amorous painter. Liv and Ravi continue the search for the zombie that has been starring in Liv’s nightmares.

iZombie’s second episode feels more balanced between the murder of the week investigation and Liv’s search for another zombie. Fans of Once Upon a Time and The Vampire Diaries will enjoy seeing David Anders as Blaine. Blaine’s introduction brings an interesting new character to the cast of iZombie. It remains to be seen if Liv can trust this new ghoul.

Anyone familiar with procedural crime shows will work out the murder fairly quickly, so it’s nice that the focus of the episode is placed elsewhere.  The most entertaining moments come from Liv’s acquisition of the murder victim’s flowery way with words and passionate outlook on life. While struggling with her desire to find a way to be with Major, she discovers painting and jazz. It’s nice to see Liv’s character growing from her gastronomically acquired talents instead of just having it played for humor.

“Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?” opens up the iZombie world and makes it clear that the show is going to be more than just a monster/murder of the week show.


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