Review: Legenderry Red Sonja #2


Cover for Legenderry Red Sonja #2The first issue of a comic series nabs your attention and tickles your curiosity. Doubts about the comics may arise but if does its job right, the first issue will motivate a reader to look forward to the next issue. The second issue is the most crucial. It’s the one that cements the need for the series and leaves your wallet weeping.

After a pleasant enjoyment of the first issue of Legenderry:Red Sonja, I was definitely looking forward to this issue. Always I’m wary of disappointment then losing interest. Did the second issue do it’s job? Darn tootin’ it did. Even more interesting, it did so when Red Sonja wasn’t the main focus of the second issue. That’s some good story telling tricks there.

The cover by Davila  is beautiful and full of promises of actions buuuuut that is not what you get with this issue. It begins with the backstory of scarred hooded lady who goes by the name of Lizzie. Lizzie explains that she was the love of Dr. Frakenstein. One night, she is caught at a crucial moment and is killed by his creation. We assume that she was reborn under Dr. Frakensteins skills to become the walking undead creature that she is but the backstory ends there. So Lizzie is not the classic Bride of Frakenstein. She is the very pissed off ex-girlfriend of Dr. Frakenstein.

The story then kicks up its gears as the ladies pursue the Dr. Frankenstein to rescue to kidnapped scientists. Only, they did underestimate his ability. C’mon, the guy did bring dead creatures back to life. That’s some amped genuis level of magical science. The issue concludes with another random introduction of a classic character. The character is connected with ocean adventures but it still seems really random. Unless I’m missing some sort of reference here–other than there are a lot of classic characters from the Victorian era being thrown about here.

The narrative is very minimal at this point. All we know that Dr. Frakenstein is the evil genius villain who is kidnapping scientists, Lizzie seems hell bent on chasing him down and stopping this mad fool. Red Sonja is just joining in. Motives are not clear or even present. This is purely riding on visual satisfaction of seeing beautifully drawn panels by Aneke full of adventure and steampunk aesthetic.

Either way, I am loving this version of Red Sonja. She is pure confidence, bravado, and always ready for the action. She is perfect pirate captain. I am always a sucker for female pirate captains. In fact I can definitely see Red Sonja being friends with Yasmen, pirate captain of the Lady Corsair of the Iron Sea books by Meljeen Brooks (a definite recommend if you enjoy steampunk action romance series).

What shall the third issue bring? Will we actually see Red Sonja hack up some sea monsters. Seeing her use the awesome steampunk gadgets is really fun, but I’m really looking forward to some sword action!

Legenderry:Red Sonja #2 is available from Dynamite Comics March 2015 at your local comic book retailer


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