Review: Wayward #5-#6


Cover for Wayward #6Ever walked into a room looking forward to pleasant get together with friends, only to open the room and seeing nothing but carnage on the walls and one lone traumatized survivor?

Well, neither have I but reading the sixth issue of Wayward sure as hell felt like that.  A couple of pages in and I was sputtering words along the line of “what the hell is going on?!”. Then I realized I had blitzed myself and forgot to read the fifth issue. The fifth issue of where everything happened and all hell literally breaks loose. By the end of the fifth issue, I was stunned.

Everything changed for the group of supernatural teenagers led by the reluctant leader Rori. In the midst of a battle, Rori feels the danger towards her mom but arrives just in time for her inevitable doom. Which was a complete shocker because the story seemed to have been leading up to something more, and just like that her story was snuffed out. By the end of the fifth issue, two more of the main characters are gone and are presumed to be dead. Leaving only the Ayane and the quiet guy they had just rescued.

The sixth issue begins the second story arc for Wayward with an introduction of a new character, Ohara. Ohara is a quiet, typical Japanese girl until she begins to see signs of Rori surrounded by red ribbons. This issue gives more merit the idea that the comic is a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” like comic since this suggests that Ohara may be the next chosen weaver (just like Buffy was the chosen one).

Just like Ohara, the issue is very low key, but there is a definite uneasy tone to the story. It’s gearing up for something even bigger. After having all my assumptions about the series blown apart, my eyes are wide open for the upcoming issues.

I read this issue a week ago and I’m still surprised how emotionally connected I was to the series. I am so disconcerted about the loss of Rori’s mother, a character that barely graced the pages.

Six issues in and it is hinted of something big looming on the horizon. Except for the wonderful extras at the end of the comics, nothing has been explained on what is going on. Is there a supernatural war? Is this the main villain? Is he collecting power? The teenagers have barely grouped together their resources and now they have fragmented. It just adds to the whole uneasy feeling to the series. For whatever is about to happened, there is no classic solid group of heroes for defense.

So prepare yourself for the fifth  issue if you haven’t read it yet. Wayward #6 is currently available now at your local comic book retailer.



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