NBC Premiere’s ‘American Odyssey’ and Honors Female Veterans Across the Country


Last night, NBC partnering with the Women Warrior Project premiered their new war-drama television show American Odyssey to packed theaters across the United States. Each location took the time to honor our women in uniform. DJ Manny on the Street from 102.7 KISS FM and  Chief Deputy Stephanie Stone from the Los Angeles Department of Military and Veterans Affairs were on hand to help personally celebrate 10 female veterans at the Grove Movie Theater in Los Angeles, CA. The honorees were members of all branches of the military and most have gone on to roles that help promote women in uniform and female veterans.  Allison Bailey, one of the honorees carries a Bronze Star from the Army and Jennifer Marshall of the US Navy also helped work with Pin-Ups for Vets. These women are hardworking and continue to live their lives of discipline and strength back in their civilian lives.

“We don’t look like Veterans,” Chief Deputy Stone commented, explaining that many women are overlooked when it comes to post-war benefits and assistance. She warned of a growing number of homeless and unemployed female vets across the country, especially when support is limited and not common knowledge.


NBC’s American Odyssey is a fictional show involving one female Marine in the middle of combat. When her unit is betrayed by an American corporation attempting to cover up their involvement in North Africa, Sargent Odelle Ballard is the only soldier left alive.  With her family and the United States thinking she is dead, she must everything she has left to get home safely and deliver the truth of the betrayal.


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