Lion Fight 21 Tiffany Van Soest vs. Chajmaa Bellekhal

Tiffany Van Soest, Lion Fight owner, Scott Kent and Chajmaa Bellekhal at Lion Fight 21 for the Featherweight Championship

Tiffany Van Soest, Lion Fight owner, Scott Kent and Chajmaa Bellekhal at Lion Fight 21 for the Featherweight Championship

Every woman is strong in her own right and tonight, when it came to physicality, no two muay thai fighters proved their veracity more than these two Featherweight contenders, Chajmaa Bellekhal (44-10) of the Netherland and American, Tiffany Van Soest (10-2) in the co-main event that was easily fight of the night, taking place at Pechanga Resort and Casino in the Grand Ballroom.

What was scheduled for 5 x 3 minute rounds was a pummeling that only Lion Fight Promotions could guarantee.

In the first round the fighters touch’em up as the American comes out with a flying right knee and staggers Bellekhal with a left hand. Van Soest is the shorter fighter, but closes the distance well working the left jab following it up by right roundhouse and stomp kicks.

Van Soest eats a right hook, but charges Bellekhal into the ropes forcing the referee to call for the break. The American looks fantastic as she strikes and then evades the counter attack.

The American comes out hard, landing a huge head kick and would have earned a second knock down if Bellekhal did not hold on to the ropes. Van Soest has earned the nickname “Time Bomb” as she’s picking her shots and knowing exactly when to unload on Bellekhal.

In the third round, Van Soest still controlled the pace and range of the right driving forward with a leaping forward with a Superman punch that drove Bellekhal about four feet. As Bellekhal attempts a dump, Time Bomb hits two back elbow opening u the distance to land a right stomp kick. The Dutchwoman is doing her best to keep the American at bay, but it’s not working out in her favor as Van Soest hits Bellekhal hard enough to knock her mouthpiece out forcing the referee to call time. How Bellekhal is still standing is amazing as she’s staggering more than she is dancing around the ring.

Heading into the fourth round and the fighters are giving it their all. Bellekhal’s corner dowsed her with water to wake her up as she is in the clinch again with Van Soest, it might have been a ploy to make her slippery, but it doesn’t seem to be helping her in the later rounds as it looks like Van Soest won the first three round. She finally is able to dump Bellekhal which will surely get the judges attention. Van Soest has done most of the talking with her feet, knees and elbows in this fight as Bellekhal looks spent. her punches are having little to know effect on the American. As the Dutchwoman was distracted by the referee, Van Soest lands two straight right hands before closing out the round.

Fifth and final round and Van Soest is dancing around like Mohammad Ali. She’s forcing Bellekhal to expend all her energy as she lunges in for a right cross and still misses, but gets caught in the clinch and dumped instead. Bellekhal is still stumbling around the ring but is pushing forward as she doesn’t know the meaning of quit. Van Soest still feeds her spinning back elbows and a reverse roundhouse kick to the head.

Bellekhal is falls up on the referee who drags her to the corner to have the doctor give her the OK to continue. The fight ends with Van Soest on the attack and falls in the hands of the judges.

Your winner by unanimous decision, Tiffany “Time Bomb” Van Soest!


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