Emerald City Comic Con 2015: Day 1


All photos courtesy of K Zolnoski


The fine folks who organize and host the Emerald City Comic Con have learned a lot from their past cons and this year checking in was a breeze. They mailed out our passes to us and the only line we had to stand in was for the one of us who got the lucky Celebrity Fast Pass. That pass required a brief trip to Will Call to pick up the wristband and special tote with swagvelope.

This year’s ECCC app has been very useful too, although cell service is slow and spotty inside the convention center. The con started at 10 AM and throngs of happy and brilliantly costumed con-goers could be seen heading towards the convention center from the surrounding hotels in beautiful downtown Seattle, WA. We did not plan to arrive right at 10 AM. There was no need to. Instead we had a leisurly breakfast and lots of coffee.

Note: When wearing a corset, say for a steampunk cosplay, you might want to go a little easy on the coffee. Just sayin’.

IMG_5084Now those of you who follow my blog know that I love cosplay. I think that seeing all of the happy people in their homemade, handcrafted costumes is half of the fun of the convention. Like many cosplayers, I love all skill levels. If I can tell who you are, or that you are supposed to be someone, or even something, I love it. Cosplayers are some of the most gracious, welcoming and least judgmental people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Anyone can cosplay. I’ve seen wheelchairs as daleks, TARDIS’s and even a Professor X being pushed by Nightcrawler. Everyone of them brilliant.

The Blufin booth had a huge circular banner hanging from the ceiling, which made it super easy to use as a safe spot to fall

The Nautilus at the Bluefin Booth

The Nautilus at the Bluefin Booth

back to when we got separated from each other. Also they had some of the most amazing models I’ve ever seen. I got the S. H. Monster Arts Gamera there. I couldn’t resist.

Today I met Steve Blum, who is a voice actor who has voiced Starscream of Transformers Prime fame, Amon in the The Legend of Kora,  as well as numerous others. First, I got the Celebrity Fast Pass and so I got to go to the front of the line and I must say that the other people were very gracious about that. A big thank you to the people attending the con for being so understanding.

Now I really didn’t know what to expect from Mr. Blum, since (I must confess) I was getting the autograph for someone IMG_5106else. He was just as gracious and delightful as one could hope for. He gladly made a voice recording for the person in front of me in character and it was simply hysterical. Improvising is so hard to do and he just did it and was funny too. The fan asked if he would do something as Starscream so he obliged by saying, “This is Starscream and not only am I a naughtybot but I’m also a princess.”

I was trying not to laugh and ruing the recording by getting my voice in it. So when it came to my turn to get an autograph I just had to ask, “So we know you are a princess, but are you a pretty princess?” Mr. Blum said yes and he continued on to speak of a series where that phrase “pretty princess,” was originally from. It was so funny and he seemed to enjoy it too.

Vader-Natrix is a thing

Vader-Natrix is a thing


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