Emerald City Comic Con 2015: Day 2

The Streets of Seattle

The Streets of Seattle

Day 2 of the ECCC2015 was even better than day 1. The streets of Seattle outside of the Washington Convention Center fill up early with people already in their cosplay heading for the event. It was a sight to behold.

Today we wandered amongst the booth, cruised the artist aisles and still managed to take in a panel discussion before queuing up for a couple of photo ops. I’m ashamed to say that we spent money like a bunch of drunken sailors on shore leave. We got T-Shirts, art from assorted artists (who were happy to chat and sign things for us) and toys, good gracious the toys. We purchased dragons, Dragon Ball Z figures and even an Anchorage Attack Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim. We even bought *gasp* comic books!

So, my nephew is a huge Martian Manhunter fan; I’m the cool auntie who not only knows who that is, I find him comics and swag featuring the green guy. We found several comics as well as a t-shirt featuring J’onn J’onzz. You never know what you might find at a con.

We planned our afternoon very carefully because we had the opportunity to get photographs taken with – Alex Kingston aka Doctor Who’s River Song, and then later John Barrowman, Captain Jack Harkness (insert double fangirl squee). We had hoped to get Alex Kingston’s autograph in between the photo ops but, alas, the timing did not work out.

Alex Kingston is, in a word, awesome. She’s just so real and so welcoming that she just charms everyone she meets. We did manage to get into her panel discussion before the photo ops and she was so interesting to listen to. She’s very humble but it’s not a false humility. She’s strong and confident but she also is quite aware that she’s had some fantastic opportunities and she’s thankful for them.

unnamed (17)

Alex Kingston

She told the story of her first meeting with Matt Smith. She said that because the producers didn’t want Matt to possibly show some nerves in his first episode as The Doctor, they filmed The Time of Angels first in the season so that he could work with her and any nerves would be hidden by the meeting of River and the new Doctor.

She said that in the first scene with him she flys into the TARDIS and lands on him, as we may recall from the episode. Well it took a couple of takes and on the very first take, the first time they shot it she flung herself into the TARDIS and landed on him and accidentally kneed him in the groin. She said, very elegantly, “He cried and I laughed and our friendship was cemented in that moment.”

Alex also said that when she first read for a part in Doctor Who she originally read for the part of the nanny in the Adipose episode (“Partners in Crime”) but she got another job and couldn’t take that one. She said she was later very glad she didn’t take that part. When she came back later and read for the part of River Song, she didn’t know that it would be for more than those two episodes: “The Silence In The Library” and “The Forest Of The Dead.” But, she said, Russel T. Davies in listening to her lines approached her and said that he thought Moffett had more in mind for the character based upon some of the things he’d heard from her.

unnamed (12)

Grant Imahara

There is so much more I could tell but I must move on. Suffice it to say that Alex Kingston’s panel was one of the best I’ve ever attended. Oh! How could I have waited so long to mention that Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame was the MC during Alex Kingston’s panel? He was brilliant!

At one point while she was talking, Alex seemed to turn her mic off. Then it seemed to be cutting out intermittently. A gentleman from the audience noticed she was possibly toggling an on/off switch on the side but in his attempt to quietly gesture to her what he thought was happening and her trying to follow his directions –well it got a bit silly and a bit risqué. Grant Imahara blushed so much. It was quite funny.

We also got John Barrowman’s photograph and he loves his fans. I think he loves the character of Jack Harkness. Sadly, due to the sheer number of people who were in line for a photograph and the late start there was simply no time at all to ask any questions or chat. I’m hoping to get a chance to say, “hello,” tomorrow when I get our photograph autographed.

Lastly, for today’s coverage, but certainly not leastly: cosplay. I saw my first Duff-Girl cosplay, my first Godzilla, The Princess Bride (have fun storming the castle!)Mermaid Man, Aquaman, Shazam, Black Adam, Anubis and Hulk Hogan cosplays.There were some amazing Wonder Women; I especially liked the 50’s style poodleskirt Wonder Woman, and some fantastic X-Men, Gambit is always a favorite of mine along with Storm and Phoenix. Let’s see, there was a herd (gaggle? Giga?) of Pikachu, all manner of Sailor Moons, and the ever popular Boba Fetts, Stormtroopers and Darth Vaders, along with some amazing Lokis, Gamoras and I spotted no fewer than 4 Jareths from Labrynth. Oh! I also saw my first Lilo and Stitch. I love that movie. I leave you with these photographs gentle readers.



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