‘The Dream Lover’ : A Fictional Look at the Life of George Sand


cover57499-mediumGeorge Sand was an infamous Parisian female writer of literature, well-known for wearing men’s clothes and taking lovers in the days following Napoleon’s France. Bound in a loveless marriage, George attempts to reinvent herself in Paris writing. When she discovers that it is the only way to afford tickets for the plays she must review she dresses like a man to get the cheap seats. The Dream Lover follows George from her childhood to her death and all the lovers in between.

The Dream Lover is fairly true to the life of George Sand. It follows closely to the writer’s well known autobiographical works and seems to follow historical source material. Of course, many of the emotions must be imagined as Elizabeth Berg was not in the head of George Sand.

As a big fan of George Sand’s works and of Chopin, I found this book fascinating even as it is a work of historical fiction. The reader feels the struggle of George as she fights to keep her children and struggles with her identity.

The Dream Lover by Elizabeth Berg is available March 31, 2015.


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