Emerald City Comicon 2015: Final Day



We got up early to get John Barrowman’s autograph.  Once again, banking on the fast pass we thought we could get that autograph and then have me get right into the line for Alex Kingston’s autograph too.  The rest of the party went to Alex’s line since if they could only get 1, they wanted hers.  I had two photos to be signed, one for myself and one for another person in our party.

Both John and Alex were late. John due to shopping (and who can blame him with all the cool swag downstairs) and Alex due to the horrific traffic on I-5 North.  The celebrities have to take their chances to shop before the hordes arrive at the con or they get swarmed under so while it was a bit annoying it made sense to me so I cut Mr. Barrowman some slack.
Once again I met some lovely people in line while waiting and that makes the wait all the more bearable.  It’s especially nice when the minions who volunteer at the con are in line too because they can fill us in on behind the scenes things that we otherwise wouldn’t hear about.  Like, for example, the fact that the celebrities have to shop when no one else is around.  It makes sense but I would’t have thought of it had I not been told.
John Barrowman.  John Barrowman loves his fans.  He is such a ham and he has such a good time with people.  Honestly I had no idea he was so popular but after meeting him, even for a brief moment to thank him for making this con so special for us, I can absolutely see why.  It’s not just charisma, every star has that and it’s more than the warmth that draws you in when you meet Alex Kingston, he has an energy about him, he loves to have fun, yes but more than that he enjoys it more when everyone else is having fun too.
Sunday was Mirina Sirtis’ birthday and John got her to stand up on his table with him and we all sang happy birthday to her.  Not to be outdone, Alex Kingston, who was right next door, stood up on her table and had us sing happy birthday for Mirina Sirtis too.  All three were just lovely, lovely people.  Yes I got Mirina Sirtis’ autograph too.  She was right there!  Plus I’m a Trekkie from waaaaayyyy back.
After that we had to get on the road to get back at a decent time and get some of our members on their flight home.  In all it was a fantastic con.  Possibly it was the best con I’ve ever been to.  I don’t know what exactly the organizers did differently this time but they should do it like this every time.  Thank you ECCC

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