‘Oddly Normal’ Volume 1


OddlyNormalVol1_CoverOddly Normal is having a heck of a time at school. Part-witch/part-human, she possessed green hair, pointed ears and a name like Oddly Normal. At her family birthday party she accidentally casts her parents into obscurity along with their home. Thanks for her Auntie’s late attendance, Oddly is able to go to the homeworld her mother is from: Figmation. Once in this magical realm, Oddly must go to school while her Aunt tries to figure out just what happened to the Normals. Unfortunately, school in Figmation is rapidly turning into just as difficult as situation as the real world.

For any child who has had to move schools and start all over in the friends department, Oddly Normal Volume 1 will feel very much like that first awkward day of school. However, Oddly’s world involves a giant bug bus, werewolf bullies, and an alien or two for a teacher. Her principal is a tiny wicked fairy! I fell in love with this comic, even though it is geared for a much younger audience. The beauty of this comic is you can read it with your little ones, or even the little ones of your friends as the case may be, all while secretly loving the adventures of Oddly Normal.

Creator Otis Frampton creates a magical world not just with his creative and adorable art, but with his creations. Most will know him from his work on ABCDEFGEEK and his work with the Youtube Webseries, How it Should Have Ended.

Oddly Normal is charming and will fit right in for your Middle Grade Reader or younger.

Oddly Normal Volume One is now available from Image Comics.


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