Happy April Fools Day from ‘LOUIE!’ and FX


This in from FX:


In celebration of April Fools everywhere, FX is making every episode from last season of LOUIE available on FXNOW (http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/louie/episodes),

from today through its Season 5 premiere on Thursday, April 9 @ 10:30pm ET/PT on FX.


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Season 5 of FX’s award-winning comedy LOUIE, which premieres Thursday, April 9 at 10:30pm ET/PT, immediately following the series debut of The Comedians.

Created by Louis C.K., Louie is a comedy revolving around “Louie,” a semi-fictional version of Louis C.K. played by C.K.  The show is filtered through the observational humor of “Louie.”  Each episode puts a spotlight on “Louie’s” hectic life as a stand-up comedian and single father who shares custody of his two daughters, “Lilly” (Hadley Delaney) and “Jane” (Ursula Parker).  The single-camera comedy is a mix of “Louie’s” stand-up comedy and scripted films.  The series deals with everyday life issues including work, parenting and relationships, and has touched on topics ranging from religion to politics to social behavior.  While many of the episodes are stand alone, the series has also included many serialized episodes.  This will again hold true in season five.

Louis C.K. serves as executive producer, writer, director and editor for the series, and M. Blair Breard and Dave Becky are Executive Producers.  The series is produced by FX Productions.


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