“And Everyone’s Kickstarter Has Merit” – Archer’s Season 6 Comes to a Close with “Drastic Voyage: Part 2”


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And so another season of FX’s Archer comes to a close. “Drastic Voyage: Part 2” picks up where last week’s episode left off; a Fantastic Voyage ripoff where a miniaturization procedure has placed the crew inside the body of a brilliant scientist.  Suffice it to say, things get messy and Archer still gets to play with a fantastic laser backpack, even if his dreams of drinking Tang are shattered.

voice of Michael Gray). CR: FX8BIM

Mallory Archer has some of the best lines of this episode. Her rant against the concept that “everyone deserves a trophy” and “everyone’s Kickstarter has merit” had me laughing out loud while watching. Her follow up later that maybe the CIA needs a Kickstarter was a great continuation of her sarcasm and wit, while also making a great stab at the modern concepts of parenting.  “Will you explain that to me later” “I was going to ask you to”- This brief exchange between Cheryl and Pam regarding Archer and Michael Gray’s brief back and forth is probably the same thing everyone under 35 who has no memories of the Shazam TV show was thinking.  I’m delighted that the writers remember that not every reference is going to be picked up by their young and growing audience and use this to mock us.  Some familiar season finale favorites found their way back into this episode. As in several previous seasons now, Gillette ends this one with another debilitating injury. Cheryl ends up with tungsten knitting needles, harkening back to a reference several seasons back about how in a psych ward she wasn’t allowed to knit and continuing her deranged nature.

While “Drastic Voyage: Part 2” wasn’t the best episode Archer has ever had, it was a satisfying enough close to the 6th season. We will have to wait to see how Archer and the rest of the gang figures out their current debacle when the show returns to FX next season.



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