‘The Star Wars Saga’ is Coming to Digital HD for the First Time April 10th


If you were like me, the second Disney took over Lucas Films we were waiting for the digital set release date. If you weren’t, good news anyhow. Star Wars is coming to Digital HD format for the first time.

“We’re thrilled that fans will be able to enjoy the Star Wars Saga on their digital devices wherever they go,” commented Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy. “These films broke new ground in technology, design, sound, and visual effects, and we’ve created some very special bonus material which delves into the Saga’s rich history, including new and never-before-released conversations between legendary Star Wars artists – the masters who helped George bring his iconic universe to life.”

These new sets include all six films, even if we don’t talk about three of them. This means we can relieve Luke’s training from a phone at the beach, or the infamous “I know” scene while pretending to finish spreadsheets on a tablet. Digital retailers will offer a variety of special bonuses so watch out for those.

The Digital HD formats of Star Wars will be available throughout the Galaxy April 10, 2015 thanks to Disney.


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