Doctor Who: New Adventures with the Ninth Doctor #1



New to the comic universe is the adventures of the Ninth Doctor. We join the Doctor, Rose Tyler and Captain Jack after the events of “The Doctor Dances.” The Doctor takes rose to see the planet Excroth but when they arrive the planet isn’t there. The Doctor and his complains end up on a ship that has abducted the TARDIS. The ship is in an epic battle against metallic space centaurs called the Unon. The Doctor tries to get everyone off the ship in one piece but realize their party is one short. Rose is sent hurling through the time vortex.

The story line reads similar to one of the stories from the first season of Doctor Who. Rose hasn’t fallen for the Doctor yet and they have a sarcastic bother sister relationship. The story does not reveal too much information but it is the first in the series so the events are just setting up the story right now.

The art work in this series is different from the other Doctor Who Comics. The characters do not look as true to the original characters from the television show. They also do not seem to look consistent from panel to panel. It could just be me being picky.

If the Ninth Doctor was your favorite check this out for a new story with the short-lived doctor.


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