Fiendship is Magic #1



Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadence discover Sombra’s secret office. There they find a journal that tells the story of how Sombra came to be the King of the Monsters. Found alone with no parents, Sombra was taken to an orphanage. There he attended school and befriend another outcaste pony named Hope. They spend their time playing together and saving their crystals for the upcoming Crystal Festival. When the festival arrives every year, Sombra becomes very ill. No one could explain why. Each year Hope stayed with her friend to keep him company. One year when the ponies were almost fully grown, a change started coming over Sombra. Darkness seemed to be taking over. Hope was able to save her friend and earned a healing cutie mark in the process. With her new powerful magic, she was invited to study with the Princesses Celestia and Luna. Heartbroken, Sombra ran away trying to escape his dark fate but instead ended up running toward it.

This origin story is very interesting. Personally I love when horror movies give you backstory and explain why the villain has become a villain. Sombra’s story is sad and shows how one’s choices affect what they become. He had to chance to do the right thing but chose to cave in to the darkness. It’s an interesting perspective for younger readers to see that every person has their reasons for what they have become. For Sombra, it was trying to find acceptance.

The tone of this comic is very dark since it the focus eventually becomes a villain. Sombra’s story begins in typical pony fashion with bright, vivid colors then as Sombra succumbs to darkness the colors are darkened to reflect the mood.

This is a limited run mini series featuring some of the best villains from the My Little Pony Series so check it out to find out how each character turned to darkness.

Fiendship is Magic #1 is now available of IDW.


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