Food Intolerance And You: These Folks Combat Auto Immune Disorders with Humor (and Swearing)


About a year ago I discovered I could no longer eat wheat. Yes, my friends, no more cupcakes, pasta or pizza; well at least not as I was used to eating them. Anyone who tells you that Gluten-Free foods taste just the same is a delusional liar and you should delete them from Facebook immediately. In good news, as Gluten-Free foods become more popular (thanks Gwenyth!) and so going to the grocery store is becoming less Road Warrior mission and more just a lesson in how much money you can spend just to taste crackers and cookies again. However, a wealth of folks have risen up to write about their bowel issues in ways that are hilarious and also manage to keep Celiac-sufferers out of the hospital.

These authors and artists have recently made me laugh until my sensitive bowels jiggle.


The Katering Show 

What happens when two Australians cook to one’s food intolerances and the other’s intolerable need to be a foodie? You get The Katering Show. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed this hard while standing in my kitchen drinking red wine instead of cooking. Kate McLennan is the foodie. Kate McCartney is the food intolerance sufferer. If you think your gluten intolerance is bad, she’s got a list longer than The Declaration of Independence. Watch this show, but make sure you don’t have the full volume up at work and/or your kids are sounds asleep or not at the stage where they repeat everything you’ve ever said to complete strangers.


61n4TQgnwZL-166x250Gluten is My Bitch by April Peveteaux

If you’re not one to pull punches and prefer the Dr. not sugar coat the fact that cake is now your enemy, April Peveteaux is your hilarious ally. I may have stalkerishly declared my love for her on Twitter already (no seriously, we can lift the restraining order now, right?) for her amazing book and website of the same name, Gluten is My Bitch. As with The Katering Show, reading this book aloud is probably a no no in front of people who don’t like or shouldn’t hear swearing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t quietly giggle while reading this book and eating a gluten free cookie from the recipes her in her book. Nutella Cake. Isn’t that enough?

Gluten is My Bitchis available from Amazon, or you can read her blog at

(no, seriously, April. My love for you is as pure as my Gluten Free All Purpose Flour)



81x_ixroptlIf you haven’t been to Thug Kitchen, prepare to start swearing more in your kitchen. While this site isn’t strictly “look ma, no gluten” their dedication to fresh ingredients and a healthy lifestyle is pretty sweet. Obviously use your best judgment and switch out what you need to (brown rice pasta for regular pasta, etc) and rock it out. You will feel like a kitchen gangster after following the recipes on this site.

Thug Kitchen Cookbook is now available, or you can read the blog at and simply try not to feel like a total badass. 


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