Evil Empire #12: An Explosively Violent Conclusion


Evil Empire #12 CoverBoom! Studios’ Max Bemis penned dystopian tale of moral decay and resistance comes to a close with the release of Evil Empire 12. We’ve seen a Presidential candidate confess to murder, the President of the United States publicly reveal his incestuous relationship with his sister, and the mass murder of the United Nations. Without the law in place to stop the population, society has devolved into an orgy of murder, sexual depravity, and senseless violence. At this point, nothing seems shocking.

Reese and Theo begin the issue as captives of the President and his sister in a scene that is more bizarre dinner party than negotiation for the surrender of the Resistance. Kara’s position as a well-placed mole within the Evil Empire is finally beginning to reach a payoff. Bemis draws all the threads of the narrative into an explosively violent conclusion. Evil Empire ends, as it began, with an unidentified narrator doing a monologue that feels very much like Bemis himself speaking about the moral of the whole story.

Artist Victor Santos has done the art for the last few issues. The art is good enough, but feels weak as a follow up to Ransom Getty who drew the first few issues. Characters become more easily identified by their names than by their look. The overall style is rough and gritty. It leaves the reader with a rushed and unpolished feeling.

Evil Empire #12 concludes a series that started with a bang and ends with the idea that instead of succumbing to violence we ought to embrace the brighter aspects of human nature. It’s a beautiful ending for a comic that has spent most of its run highlighting the horror in mankind.

Evil Empire #12 comes out April 8, 2015 from BOOM! Studios.


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