Fiendship is Magic #2



The second in the series of villainous backstories covers the centaur Tirek. The story starts when he is young and studying with the aging centaur Sendak who has recently returned from a journey from Equestria. He has brought back a captured unicorn whose power he wishes to extract. Once Tirek returns home it is revealed that he is a prince and he doesn’t exactly see eye to eye with his father about his magic powers. Tirek, tired of living under his father’s rule, tries to harness the power of the kidnapped unicorn himself. The plan backfires and the unicorn escapes to the palace. The king decides to escort the unicorn back to Equestria, as to not start a war between the two kingdoms. Tirek is confined to his chambers and he vows to one day go to Equestria himself to finish what he started.

This story can be summed up in one phrase, another villain with daddy issues. The father casts out his son because of his thirst for power which ultimately ends up turning his son against him. This story has been done many times before it would have been nice to do something different. An interesting feature is Tirek’s linage. His mother is a winged bat creature and his father is a centaur, genetics in the pony world never cease to amaze. Apparently Discord is a part of Tirek’s court as well. Maybe he’s just supposed to be an Easter egg since they will team up later on in their lives.

While the storyline isn’t exactly original, it gives My Little Pony fans a glimpse of why a young prince went bad and wanted to steal all of the magic in Equestria.

Fiendship is Magic #2 is now available from IDW.


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