“This Place is Like an Open-Air Insane Asylum”- ‘Kill Me Three Times’ is Twisted Fun


In a unnamed (5)small Australian surfing town, it seems that everyone wants Alice (Alice Braga) dead. After her abusive husband hires the happy-go-lucky and nearly invincible Charlie Wolfe (Simon Pegg) to kill Alice, the whole town seems to turn upside down and no one seems safe. Whether it’s a clueless sister-in-law (Teresa Palmer) and her bumbling husband (Sullivan Stapleton) or the local corrupt cop (Bryan Brown), it seems everyone is out for one another. Wolfe discovers if he plays his technique just right, he might be collecting more than one bounty thanks to the incompetence of almost everyone involved.

Kill Me Three Times is one of those guilty pleasure films that you find yourself loving even though there seems to be no reason to. A cheerful 1970’s Price is Right-ish soundtrack seems to follow Simon Pegg in this film and more than once he sustains injuries that would have put even the toughest man in the hospital.  The story is told out of sequence initially, so when watching the film it is important to pay attention to at least the initials sequences. People get injured left and right, but really only seem to die in this film when shot in the head at close range. With the exception of only two characters, everyone in the film seems to be obsessed with money and getting back at someone. Very few characters actually think out their consequences and bad juju follows.

Alice Braga proves to be one tough woman in this film. More than one scene features her miraculously escaping deadly situations and hiking barefoot through the crazy terrain of Australia. I don’t know about you, but having watched documentaries on their spider and snake populations I likely would have found myself crying in a small pile. The film also features Luke Hemsworth, which is the elder sibling to the more famous Chris and Liam. He holds his own but only just, as he is in maybe 15 minutes total of the film.

Rough violence and some sexual images give this film an R rating, but with a hilarious showing by Simon Pegg the film is worth at least one watch. Just do yourself a favor and leave the kids home for this one.

Kill Me Three Times is in theaters April 10, 2015 and is already available on VOD.


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