Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour


0001If you’ve seen the film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe, push the ending out of your mind and prepare for the final collection of the Scott Pilgrim Comics from Oni Press. The 6th Hardcover full color edition is here and it is glorious. Scott Pilgrim has been left behind by Ramona Flowers, is dealing with Envy Adams being in town and is saying goodbye to college-bound Knives. Wallace is busy trying to keep up Scott’s spirits by questionable means. Gideon, Ramona’s most evil of her evil exes has opened a new club in town and hired Envy to be the headliner in an attempt to encourage Scott Pilgrim to come fight him once and for all.  Ramona and Scott end up in a battle for their own self respect and to defeat Gideon at his own twisted emotional games.

The color editions of this comic are a quick read and filled with pop culture references and small jokes scattered throughout most of the panels. Scott is a terrible boyfriend, but he seems to not be the only one subjected to a poor memory when it comes to ex-girlfriends. Ramona Flowers gets to sort through her issues in the comic, unlike the film. It’s nice to see the characters get more of an explanation and a bit more closure.

Scott Pilgrim Hardcover #6: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour is available Wednesday April 15, 2015 from Oni Press.


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