‘Wonder Woman’ Film Loses Its Director


The Hollywood Reporter has just released the news that Wonder Woman film has lost its director. Citing a statement from Warner Bros, Michelle MacLaren has stepped away from the film due to “creative differences.”  This is an unfortunate turn of events not just for fans of Wonder Woman, but for women in directing roles for major comic book films. Just a few years back Patti Jenkins stepped out of the Marvel project Thor: The Dark World, only to have the directorship taken over by Alan Taylor.

MacLaren is no directing rookie. With direction credits from Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, chances are more than likely you’ve seen her work. Wonder Woman has been a difficult project for Warner Bros, as well as a sensitive issue for fans wondering if the beloved female comic book character will be done justice on the big screen. Fans have already ripped apart the choice of Gal Gadot as the choice for the title rolemaclaren-copy__140611165039-275x348.

It remains to be seen if Warner Bros taps another female director for the film, especially due to all the fanfare made in November when they intentionally picked a female director. It is also unclear if the loss of Michelle MacLaren will delay the expected 2017 release of the film.


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