‘Blacklist’ Fans Rejoice! Titan Comics to Release a Series of Comics Based on the Popular TV Show



If you’re a fan of the hit television series Blacklist, I’ve got good news for you. Titan Comics is releasing a series of Blacklist comics starting July 22, 2015. Alice X Zhang, known for her gorgeous variant Doctor Who covers,  does the covers featuring Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington.’

Here are some details on production:

The comic series is penned by Nichole Phillips and drawn by Beni Lobel (Constantine, Batman: Arkham Unhinged) and developed in conjunction with The Blacklist TV series from Sony Pictures Television.  The first arc (Issues 1-5) will feature stories which expand upon the events of the TV series and feature all the major characters from the show, including the formidable Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, played by James Spader, along with characters Lizzie (Megan Boone), Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff), Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) and others.

“A true extension of the television series, The Blacklist comic will take you on a journey deep into the dark world of international espionage, conspiracies, and intrigue on a global scale and explore new dimensions of the characters that have captured the audiences worldwide,” said David Leach, The Blacklist comic editor.



To keep up-to-date with news about The Blacklist comic visit the Titan Comics website at Titan-Comics.com or connect with Titan Comics on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.



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