Doctor Who: The New Adventures with the Tenth Doctor #9



This is the fourth and final installment of the Weeping Angels of Mons story arch. It begins with Gabriella recounting her experiences with the weeping angels in a journal to a friend. She admits her feelings for Jamie, a young soldier who they have met on their way. The doctor has discovered the TARDIS is burrowed deep in the German trenches and the group decides to go after it. Along the way they are separated. Jamie and Gabriella end up in one tunnel while the Doctor and a priest end up in another. The Doctor finds the TARDIS surrounded by Weeping Angels who are unable to get in. With some quick thinking he gets the TARDIS and locates Gabriella and Jamie right before everything goes up in smoke.

I liked the way this story ended. The first part with Gabriella’s journal was light-hearted and fun. It became a comic with in a comic. What else would you expect from a time traveler? The little romance between Jamie and Gabriella was sweet and a little tragic in the end but it wrapped up nicely. There’s a terrifying surprise at the end that will leave any Whovian with chills.

I loved the drawings that are featured as party of Gabriella’s journal. They were cartoony and fun which is the complete opposite of what the art work from the series looks like. I liked that the writers included it to make the story more light-hearted.

Check out the thrilling conclusion of Weeping Angels of Mons!

Doctor Who: The New Adventures with the Tenth Doctor #9 is now available from Titan Comics.


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