gumi Launches Raid Battle in ‘Brave Frontier’ Game


BFRaid_Main Menu

gumi has some updates to the super popular Brave Frontier Game.


Raid Battle allows high-level players to team up with other players to complete endgame quests to take down brutal boss monsters, where players have 30 minutes and three attempts to hunt down their target. Because of the challenging difficulty, players are advised to complete the raids with up to three of their friends online.

The rewards for completing Raid Battle missions include rare crafting materials to create exotic weaponry and items. Additionally, they can also earn Raid Medals, used in the Slot Machine found at Imperial Randall Capital, to win random high-level items such as stat boosts, experience gains, and more.

Unfortunately, Raid Battle requires players to be at least a level 100 to participate. They’ve also released new 7-Star forms for the six original heroes- Vargas, Selena, Lance, Eze, Atro, and Magress- as well as new 7-Star forms of the games Six Disciples of the Gods- Alpha, Tazer, Tora, Kanon, Kira, and Feeva

Special in-game events and prizes will be listed on social media, but primarily on Facebook.

This update is now available on iOS and Android devices. Visit the links below up-to-date information on Brave Frontier and future events for evolution opportunities.


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