Netflix and Silverback Films To Create ‘Our Planet,’ a Follow-up to ‘Planet Earth’


African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) in front of double rainbow , Masai Mara, Kenya

Netflix is teaming up with Silverback Films and WWF to create a follow up to the popular TV Series Planet Earth.  This new 8-part mini series is to be entitled Our Planet will be made by the same creators as Planet Earth. The four-year project goes into areas never-before-filmed, such as the ice caps and deep oceans. It plans to introduce viewers to precious species and places struggling to withstand the impact of humanity on the natural world, using the latest in K camera technology. The series will be produced by Silverback Films, WWF and Disneynature films.

The press release had this to say from Netflix, Silverback Films and WWF:

“Netflix is proud to be the global home for perhaps Silverback’s most ambitious project to date,” said Lisa Nishimura, Vice President, Netflix Original Documentaries. “The Planet projects have enjoyed great success on Netflix and have helped launch new technologies for viewing at home. We think watching Our Planet, fully on demand in 4K will be an unforgettable experience for our members.“

“Our Planet is going to raise the bar for natural history landmarks, “ said Alastair Fothergill, Executive Producer Silverback Films. “We will reveal the most amazing sights on Earth and show them in ways they have never been seen before. Partnering with Netflix and WWF gives us the ability to reach and enthuse global audiences with the wonder and importance of the natural world.”

“Our Planet will inspire millions of people around the world by showcasing the planet’s most precious species and most fragile habitats through a visionary series and cutting edge multimedia storytelling,” said Colin Butfield, Executive Producer, WWF.  “At this critical time for global conservation we are honored to work with Silverback and Netflix on this completely unique collaboration.”





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