‘Ares & Aphrodite: Love Wars’


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Romance comics are not usually the first books I grab when it comes to a weekly comics pull. Oni Press’s Ares & Aphrodite: Love Wars just happens to be one of those charming exceptions I stumbled across. Will Ares is a successful divorce attorney in Los Angeles, but secretly longs for true love. He attends to a divorce case between a Hollywood star named Evans Beatty and his lovely writer wife who is furious she’s being left for a young starlet. The starlet in questions is a Disney-Channel style ingenue named Carrie Cartwright. Her wedding needs are being attended to by the lovely Gigi Averelle, a stunning wedding planner who thinks true love is all a farce. Ares is currently under fire, finding his cars destroyed whenever he leaves them alone but chronic problems in this divorce case  is what’s really making him nervous. Determined to make sure all goes well with the divorce so Beatty and Carrie can have their lavish wedding, he makes a bet with Gigi. If the wedding happens, they go on a date. If it doesn’t, Gigi gets to make an utter fool out of Ares in the local paper. What starts as a race to get a famous couple to the altar becomes mixed with intrigue, chaos and just enough romance to not be too saccharine.

Jamie Rich and Megan Levens comic is wickedly charming and easy to devour. Gigi’s penchant for wine and Ares desire to be loved make them adorable together even when they refuse to see eye to eye on issue. Ares is the perfect combo of respectable, attractive and good at his job. Gigi is intelligent, a dog lover and usually farther ahead than Ares imagines. I found myself being drawn in and finishing the collection in one sitting.

Ares & Aphrodite: Love Wars is now available from Oni Press.


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