Doctor Who: The New Adventures with the Eleventh Doctor #11



The ongoing battle against the evil that is ServeYou Inc continues. In an effort to reunite Arc with the entity the Doctor links it to the TARDIS to locate the Entity. Instead of finding the Entity in the current timeline, the Arc takes them back to when the Entity and Arc were whole. The paradox that it creates cases the crew to be split up into different parts of the TARDIS and the Doctor to be pushed outside into space. It is revealed that the Talent Scout was swallowed up by the Entity when the Arc was separated.

The Talent Scout escapes and offers each of the crew what they desire most in exchanged for their loyalty. Resisting the offers the Talent Scout is pushed into space and the Doctor is able to reenter the TARDIS. This won’t be the last they see of the Talent Scout and the Entity is still out there. I feel like this story has gotten so muddled and twisted that it has gotten too hard to follow. With each issue, I ask myself where they are going with this. It seems the writers have drawn this story arch out too long and need to just end it. I also haven’t been a personal fan of the ServeYou Inc story. On the upside of this issue we have visual confirmation that there is in fact a pool on the TARDIS.

The art in this gets a little bit tricky since you are following four different characters in different locations on the same page. The use of different colors helps to differentiate who is where but it gets a little confusing for the reader.

While this issue isn’t the best in the series it is still worth reading if you want to find out what happens next and how Arc ended up where it is now.

Doctor Who: The New Adventures with the Eleventh Doctor #11 is now available from Titan Comics.


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